General Information


Information about accommodation during ICCA10 can be found here.

Certificate of Attendance

Certificates of Attendance can be picked up at the Conference Office.

Computer Lab

The computer lab will be open to all registered participants of ICCA10. It is located within 5-minute walking distance of the university's east wing in Room 157 (1st floor) in the glass building in L7, 3-5. You will find your login data to the computers in the lab in your conference material.

Conference Dinner

The Conference Dinner will take place on Wednesday, July 7, at 19pm at Mannheim Palace. At the price of 40 EURO per person, the dinner includes an open buffet, water, and a glass of wine. Seats for the conference dinner can be booked via your personal ICCA10 account (under "Social Program").

Conference Language

The main conference language is English. Contributions in German and French are also welcome. No simultaneous translation will be provided.

Conference Office

Registration, Information, and Social Program Desks will be open ...

Sunday, July 4:    16.00-19.00
Monday, July 5:    08.30-18.30
Tuesday, July 6:   08.30-17.00
Wednesday, July 7: 08.30-18.30
Thursday, July 8:  08.30-19.00

The IT-Desk for Media Check-In and Data Control will be open...

Sunday, July 4:    16.00-19.00
Monday, July 5:    08.30-16.30
Tuesday, July 6:   08.30-16.30
Wednesday, July 7: 08.30-16.30
Thursday, July 8:  08.30-16.30

Conference Venue: The University of Mannheim

ICCA10 will take place at the East Wing of the University of Mannheim.
A map of the venue can be downloaded here (pdf-file).


The currency in Germany is Euro.
Automated teller machines of various German banks are widespread throughout the entire city. You might want to look up which German banks cooperate with your home bank to avoid being charged fees for international cash withdrawals. In general, all well-established credit cards are accepted in Germany. However, it is rather unusual to pay for smaller amounts with a credit card and some smaller stores might not accept credit cards but only cash or European cash cards. Thus, you might want to ask beforehand whether credit cards are accepted when shopping or dining.


Electrical current in Germany is 230V (50Hz). Plugs which fit German wall sockets (= Type F) are two-prong plugs Type C (“Europlug”) and Type F (“Schuko plug”). Please note that you might need to bring along adapters in case your technical devices require different voltage, plugs, or sockets.


The flyer for ICCA10 can be downloaded here.

Getting to Mannheim

Please see here.

Guidelines for Presenters

Each lecture is allotted 30 minutes in total, i.e. 20 minutes for the presentation and 10 minutes for the discussion. Please note that this might vary concerning lectures in panels if your panel organizers have decided on a different time schedule.

Guidelines for poster presenters can be downloaded here (pdf-file).

For technical guidelines, please see Technical Equipment.


Please make sure to have your own valid insurance during your participation in ICCA10. The organizers do not assume liability for personal injuries sustained during or resulting from ICCA10. Likewise, the organizers do not assume liability for loss of, or damage to, property belonging to conference participants or their accompanying persons during or resulting from ICCA10.

International Society for Conversation Analysis

Please find detailed information on the International Society for Conversation Analysis and its first general assembly, which is going to take place during ICCA10, here.

Internet Access

All registered participants of ICCA10 can use the computer lab and will additionally have access to the university’s WLAN-network throughout the entire campus. Please find your login data to the network in your conference material.

Local Time

The time in Germany is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Mannheim: City of Squares

Please find detailed information on the host city here.


The poster for ICCA10 can be downloaded here.

Printing or Making Photocopies

The computer lab is equipped with a printer. Print-outs can be paid in cash. Furthermore, copy shops do offer printing stations as well.
Please note that there is no photocopying machine in the computer lab. Thus, we’d suggest that bring along all necessary copies of handouts from your home institution. However, there are numerous copy shops in the vicinity of the campus which also feature printers, such as:
Copy Shop Roland Dieterich in A3, 6A
Copy Shop in B2, 10
Copythek und Druckservice in M2, 15
Druckservice Hohmann in B1, 7

Social Program

With the help of the University of Mannheim, the organizers of ICCA10 prepared an attractive and extensive social program both in Mannheim and its famous picturesque neighboring cities such as Heidelberg, Schwetzingen, or Speyer for all participants of ICCA10. Tickets for all activities can be booked via your personal ICCA10 account (under "Social Program"). Please find the overview of all activities here.

Technical Equipment

Detailed information can be found here.


Information on visa regulations for visits to Germany can be found at the Federal Foreign Office Website.