All interested scholars are cordially invited to participate in ICCA10, to be organized in Mannheim (Germany), July 4-8, 2010.

ICCA10 is an international multidisciplinary meeting on conversation analysis. It brings together researchers of language, culture, and society from different parts of the world. It aims at sharing the latest research, promoting co-operation among researchers, and discussing new openings in the quickly developing field of studies in conversation analysis. Previous conferences took place at Copenhagen (DK) in 2002 and at Helsinki (FIN) in 2006.

The Conference Theme: Multimodal Interaction

The development of the technology of video-recording has paved the way for a comprehensive naturalistic study of social interaction as multimodal interaction. Conversation analysis has started to extend its methodology of close sequential analysis of talk-in-interaction to the organization of bodily interaction in its full audio-visual detail. In addition to the sequential structures of (verbal) interaction, the simultaneity of different modalities of interaction (speech, gaze, gesture, facial expression, manipulation of objects etc.), their fine-grained, interactive co-ordination, and their context-sensitive deployment have become a new focus of studies. A growing body of research has produced insights into practices of multimodal interaction in conversational, institutional, and media contexts, discovering new phenomena and shedding new light on classic topics of conversation analysis, such as the organization of turn-taking and conversational openings.